Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remodeling 101: Part 1 - Kitchens


A typical kitchen remodel takes 6-8 weeks, depending on complexity. This overview includes the most common elements of a kitchen remodel. It is important to review and understand these elements in advance before hiring a designer and/or contractor. This will help the professionals you work with create a design and project overview within your budget and time frame. 

  • What is your budget for this project?
    • I have worked with several clients who are reluctant to tell to me their budget. This is understandable as many contractors will bump their fees and estimates right up to the client's budget limit, however, most honest and reputable contractors/designers do not do this. It is important for me to understand a client's budget because it helps me shape the project within their parameters. I have had instances where we are able to complete the project for far less than the client expected as well as situations where the client's budget is completely unrealistic. 
  • What is your goal for the remodel?
    • Are you looking to update, add space, or both? What is the ideal kitchen you envision yourself in? The contractor/designer wants to give you everything you want so it is important that you thoroughly understand what you would like to achieve with your project.
  • Technical aspects of the kitchen remodel include:
    • Current square footage and desired square footage.
    • Will your project require an engineer or architect?
    • Do you need any walls removed?
    • Does your project need permitted?
      • Your contractor/designer can help you with these technical aspects but having a general knowledge of what may come up in your initial conversation is very helpful to both parties.
  • Other elements of the kitchen remodel include electrical, lighting, walls, plumbing, windows, doors, cabinets, counter tops, sinks, flooring, and appliances.
    • Electrical - Will you need a service upgrade? Sub panel? How many outlets and switches are there and how many will have to be installed?
    • Lighting - What type of lighting do you want? Recessed lighting or mounted lighting?
    • Walls - Are there walls that need to be removed or moved?
    • Plumbing - Will the plumbing need to be upgraded or relocated?
    • Windows - Are there any windows that will need to be moved, removed, or installed? What type of moldings will be installed around these windows?
    • Doors - How many doors will need to be moved or installed? What type of doors? What type of moldings?
    • Cabinets - Would you like your current layout replaced or redesigned? What type of cabinets would you like? Custom? Semi-custom? What type of color and finish will the cabinets be? What type of drawers and doors? Will there be any custom built-ins?
    • Counter tops - What type of counter top material would you like? What color? What type of edge detail? Will there be a different type of back splash installed?
    • Sink - What type of sink? Under mount? What size sink? What type of faucet?
    • Flooring - Will flooring need to be removed? If so, what type of flooring would you like installed?
    • Appliances - What type of refrigerator, disposal, range/oven, range/hood, dishwasher, microwave would you like? What are the sizes?
Your contractors/designer is going to ask you all of these questions in detail. You will be able to go over everything with them at the time of your consultation, however, understanding all of the aspects and technical details of your remodel ahead of time will help you to achieve the best results. Investcove Properties provides there clients with a remodel work sheet prior to the initial consultation. This helps prepare the client for the types of questions that will be asked of them.

Blog post by Aja De Los Santos, GM & Head Designer at Investcove Properties

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